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We select the most potential properties with our in house investment banker and data scientist. We make sure every dollar you invested get the return it should make.​​

Simply Simple

Document and admin works are always the barrier of overseas investment. Here we have a team of lawyers to break it through for you. Sit back and let us do the job.

Yield collection

Beside capital gain, rental yield occupy a large portion of your investment. After you make your choice of tenant, we will take care of all the rental issues. All you need to concern, is rental income deposited into your bank account every month.

Why portugual?

Golden Visa

Portuguese Golden-Visa comes with pretty good benefits.
Read the details!

Growing Economy

Being one of the PIGS, after a decade since 2008 financial crisis, Portugal economic started to rocket after a great recession. Tourism also plays a large part of its economy.

Supreme living environment

Cities in Portugal are nice to live or travel. Lisbon even won the EU best travelling city in 2018.

Nice investment value

Properties in Portugal are generating rental yield around 6% while capital is around 8% annually.

Attractive tax treatment

With non-habitual-residence status, investors enjoy free tax on overseas income.

Why Lisbon?


Being the CBD of Portugal, Lisbon is growing fast in terms of employments, office apartments, etc..

Property growth

In 2018, property price in Lisbon has grown by an average of 6.9%. We will update the figure as soon as the figure for 2019 is out.

Upcoming infrastructures

New airport and metro will soon get into service which are expected to bring more tourist and investors to the city.

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